Unsolicited manuscripts must be postmarked by 15 September to be considered for the Spring issue (acceptances in December) and February 15 to be considered for the Fall issue (acceptances in May). Manuscripts postmarked after those dates will be held for the next consideration.


1    Poetry may be any length; maximum length for fiction is 7,500 words. Fiction manuscripts may be double-spaced.
2    Manuscripts must be typed and accompanied by a self-addressed stamped envelope, with sufficient postage to return, for reply. Manuscripts will not be returned. No e-mail submissions are accepted.
3    All manuscripts meeting the above requirements and submitted by 15 September 2007 will be considered for publication in The Greensboro Review as well as for The Robert Watson Literary Prizes.
4    Manuscripts should be sent to:

Jim Clark, Editor
The Greensboro Review
MFA Writing Program
3302 HHRA Building
UNC Greensboro
Greensboro, NC 27402-6170


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