I Have a Theory About Reflection

by Renée Ashley

I cannot put my mother in the freezer and neither can I store her/ in the attic nor in the bank nor in the canister of sugar In (...)

Asking of the Bird What it Cannot Offer

by Laura Van Prooyen

The grackles could be a figment. so too, the outdoor café / and the couple under the tre that clatters with noise (...)


Yeguas y Caballos

by Travis Klunick

It was late in the night but Larry sat on the old church pew that served for the bench on their porch and he watched the great cumulonimbus flare out over the plains, anviling tall into the night. The thunder came rolling over the creosote, as though somewhere out in that darkness a colossus stood billowing canvas out from him far into the heavy storm air. The first gusts of wind were just reaching the porch and he drank out of an old crockware pitcher full of mescal that Luis had brought him. The downdraft hit the house and Larry’s hat blew off and landed on the ground and the smell of rain came in rich and deep on the wind. The first drops began sounding on the tin roof of the house and Larry thought with his insides warm from the alcohol that it was fitting that there be storm outside as there was storm inside and he fell asleep out on the old church pew with the mescal on the ground beside him (...)
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Birds in the House

by Kevin Wilson

The men in my family gather at Oak Hall this morning to make birds. They sit in the dining room at an antique cherry oak table and carefully fold their paper cranes. My father and his three brothers fold tiny pieces of paper, squares of yellows and pinks and whites and blues and greens so thin that light passes through them, as if they aren’t there at all (...)
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